DiSC 363 For Leaders

DiSC 363 For Leaders combines the best of 360° feedback and the power of DiSC for simplicity and powerful results.

Leaders begin by responding to a two-part assessment, which gives feedback about that individual leader’s style. Afterward a rater takes the same assessment, which is then geared toward what types of leadership they’d like to see the leader use more often.

The comprehensive feedback report that is generated helps you:

  • Understand and improve your leadership outlook
  • Compare how you see your leadership style versus how employees see you (broken down by rater groups like managers, peers, etc.)
  • Improve your performance using solid leadership practices
  • Focus on three strategies for development

One of the big ways this program differs from other 360 programs is the proprietary comment system that allows for actionable feedback without the non-constructive remarks that can arise from more open-ended feedback.

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