DiSC Assessments

DiSC is an assessment tool used to clarify the different personality types, allowing individuals to better interact with others as well as identify their own strengths and limitations. DiSC breaks down personality traits into four main areas.


‘D’ personalities tend to focus on overcoming obstacles to accomplish goals, and tend to look for immediate results by challenging themselves and others. They may be seen as resolute or very results-oriented people, and prefer discussing solutions rather than problems.


‘I’ personalities are motivated by social recognition and the ability to persuade others. These individuals are outgoing and thrive on interaction, focusing on storytelling and relating directly to others. They tend to be positive people that like discussing ideas without being bogged down by details.


‘S’ personalities are very team-oriented people. They are motivated by group cooperation and being accepted by that group, and tend to favor stability and organization. They are usually calm, patient, consistent people that are careful not to offend others.


‘C’ personalities are detail-oriented people that value quality work and opportunities to learn and be recognized for accomplishments. They tend to be perfectionists and like to understand goals and criteria ahead of time, and also tend to be diplomatic.

Which DiSC Assessment Should I Use?

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