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Reason #3 Businesses Fail: Lack Of Systems

Systems allow you to control work flow and manage expectations. It’s difficult to project how long projects will take without clear systems in place for how new customers are handled, for example. Are there different criteria for different types of services you offer? What are they, and

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Reason #2 Businesses Fail: Poor Time Management

Solid time management allows you to be more proactive in how you handle day to day tasks, rather than reacting to things as they happen. Being very reactive adds to stress and reduces productivity because your to-do list is being dictated by others (or by things that

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Reason #1 Businesses Fail: No Written Plans Or Goals

Writing an action plan may seem obvious, but it’s something many businesses fail to do. It helps organize efforts, budget for growth and marketing, and prevents inefficient decisions or purchases by anticipating needs ahead of time. Depending on where you see your business being in 6 months,

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